Aoiri Obaigbo is the name behind emerging new form of storytelling

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Lawyer recreates 20-year photo with dad

Childhood dream comes true!

Kiddwaya Speaks on the status of his relationship with Laycon, Erica and other housemates

What’s the story on his beef with Laycon and relationship with Erica

Our Picks: Artnoise Shop

Artnoise store is open now

Watch video of Big Brother Ozo Speaking French

Learn more about his brand Stemayccxl3

Bella Thorne is being accused of scamming thousands of people

Can someone tell us why a celeb with a net worth of $12m is scamming people?

16 unique gift ideas for anything

Customizable gift box ideas

5 ways to support your communities in 2020

hundidsmag is donating 10C per click

Travel Bug overtakes COVID19

Top places to visit post-COVID19 Lockin

Never before seen pics of Erica Nlewedim

How this beauty has stunned over the years

5 simple ways to earn $5

Quick and Easy Bucks

Hi, It’s Cardi. Get Bodak Yellow to #1

Marketing Lessons from Cardi B

11 Top Northern Nigerian Influencers

Who are the notable Northern figures and Influencers

Nicole Thea Life and Facts

Everything we have learned about deceased YouTuber

Jada and August relationship timeline

From how they met to today

Title to Land in Nigeria – fieldco

Becoming a Lagos Landowner with Fieldco

Taste Africa with Watreats monthly snack box

From spicy to sweet & sour, Africa has it all

We reviewed our prices!

Promote your brand at more affordable prices

What privilege looks like during COVID-19 Lock-in

While US celebs complain about being “stuck” indoors people in India, Nigeria fight for their lives

WAtreats joins brands fighting against COVID-19

Taste Africa: Africa’s first gift box (Snacks & Treats)

7 most profitable industries post Coronavirus pandemic

Which jobs will see the most demand after the pandemic

5 ways to earn money during lock-in

Tips for individuals and businesses

Burna boy vs the Industry

The Nigerian Kanye West is back on one

Houseparty App Hack is denied

Reuploaded from

How Humanity will survive COVID-19

How we survived the Spanish flu

Story by Micheal Ajisafe

Pregnancy care during coronavirus pandemic

With support platforms to help

Nigeria Bank will lend you money only if you can prove that you don’t need it – Segalink

How are businesses supposed to get loans!

Story reuploaded by Lawal Ismaila

Unbelievable! Woman Sneaks To Her Backyard, Sets Herself On Fire In Jos

The woman suffered from mental health issues

Story reuploaded by Olowe Oluwajuwon Isaac

Beauty Secrets Hiding in your Kitchen

If you thought the kitchen was just for cooking? Boy, do I have news for you!

Story by Ufuoma Uvomata

ASUU strike: Nigerian government meets again with lecturers today

What is the update for students nationwide

Story reuploaded by Aniyeye Emmanuel

Coronavirus: Ghana is a poor country; we need to take precautions – Lydia Forson

Warning for Ghana amidst Coronavirus spread

Story by Aniyeye Emmanuel

18 Pandemics We Survived

How many other times has the world almost ended? Find out now.

Story by Ufuoma Uvomata

Jobs and Industries that will be impacted by Coronavirus Pandemic

Which jobs will see the most demand and which will see the least!

Sanusi breaks his silence after dethronement as Emir of Kano

The dethroned Emir finally breaks his silence

Self-made millionaire: This is the No. 1 way to get rich

—and most young people are not doing it

7 Celeb siblings who could be twins

Are their moms printers? Probably!

The future of learning

Learning outside the classroom: robotics, gaming, sports and arts

5-year-old Rapper Zaza & North West Drama

It seems Kim Kardashian has passed her talents of “stealing” from less famous WoC creators to little Northie

Checklist for any Retailership

Walmart reportedly lost $2billion in assets in 2019 alone

10 popular African Foods

Taste Africa: Africa’s first gift box (Snacks & Treats)

Move it, Pack it, Install it, Re-Design it: Red city is doing more for property owners

From making rooms more Instagram worthy, to basic cleaning services.

Leapers celebrate their birthday

Imagine getting a birthday once in 4 years, leapers have it tough.

Coronavirus Hits Lagos: How to Prepare

How to prevent contamination and spread

More than 1.6TB of Personal Onlyfans content leaked

OnlyFans denies any breach of their systems.

Gain work experience before 18

Early start to defining your future

Lil Nas X, rapper or Meme Connoisseur

The rapper’s dankest memes

5 ways to make extra income with your platform

Online millionaires are growing and you can be one

Marketing strategies for African Brands

Cheap & Effective strategies for navigating the African Market

Nigeria’s Anti-social media bill set for public hearing

The bill, since its introduction, has been under scrutiny from Nigerians, who have expressed displeasure at its emergence.

What successful algorithms do for brands

Who runs brands? Undisclosed social media algorithms

2020 Sex-To-Do List

What do you check?

Yikes, that’s gay

How to be less gay

A drop in the bucket for disadvantaged creators

Participate from all over the world

Scientists discover YaraVirus in Brazil

What does this mean for us?

Ariana Grande Kissing Unknown Guy

Who is the new man? – Sources are on the case!

8 Bingeable Teen Shows

And where to watch!

Cristiano Ronaldo breaks record in Juventus F.C despite loss

Bad game for Juventus, a good day for Ronaldo

Celeb Makeup brands nobody wants

Who is asking for this?

Beginners guide to Sports Betting

Start betting and winning

Extreme Heat causing Bumblebee disappearance

Loss of bees might lead to famine

Blue Ivy and Beyonce in Ivy Park

Best pieces from the collection

Every celeb who visited Ghana in 2019

Idris Alba, Cardi B and many more

Paul Makonda Handed US Ban for Homophobia

The official, known for a crackdown on gays, is accused of gross rights violations.

The Wretched Billionaire: A Review

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Famine looms amid Locust plague

More signs of end times?

15 year old Coco Gauff stuns Naomi with straight wins

Coco Gauff slams Naomi Osaka in straight win

11 brands that have created major pop-culture impact

Apply for Resafric $10,000 Cultural Impact Award.

Bops Only: 10 Albums to add to your playlist in 2020

Roddy Ricch, Stormzy, Selena Gomez and other great new releases

Kylie Jenner is having 4 kids

She’s not sure when, but it’s happening

Kaitlin Bennett is The most hated person in 2020

Gun girl aka poop girl is back in the media


How is your 2020 going so far?

Become a millionaire in 2020

What does it take to save NGN1m in 12 months?

How to hold Nigerian public officials accountable

Sorry, the answer is not a “rEvOlUtIoN”

What to know about Naira Marley

Why was Naira Marley Arrested

Nigeria VS Ghana: Round Cardi B

Cardi B Nigeria, Ghana visit sparks online feud


Museum, Tourism & Urban Development


The Future of Nigerian Music

Story by: Olamide Oseni

Get your first 100 followers in a day

Go from 0 to 100 in 5 steps

Story by Jennie Nedu

Buhari meets Putin

What a nice meet-cute

Petition for Davido to get his reality show

I want to keep up with Davido!

The $6.3 billion Impact of African Art

The growing value, impact and benefits of African Art

Story by Funke Odiete


Raising capital against high-value works of art, Conclusion

The Future of Finance

What is the future of finance?

Register for a Free Retail Space for GTB Fashion WKND

Register as a vendor for GTB Fashion WKND

Lagos Open Highlights: NGR vs DEN

Barakat Quadre (NGR) slams Divine Nweke (DEN) in straight win

Monogamingco 2020 “Introduction to Game Development”

Game Development classes for beginners coming to Lagos


Raising capital against high-value works of art

How to enable dark mode on Instagram

Ready the batmobile, Instagram rolls out dark mode

Burna Boy calls out South Africa after Xenophobic attacks on Nigerians: F*CK ALL THAT

Following attacks on Nigerians in South Africa, Burna Boy lends his voice to the people.

Is the future of the world a Black Mirror Episode?

The Dystopian Futures of Black Mirror

Story by: Olamide Oseni

Advice for Masters Students from Masters Student

Advice from people who want advice

Bops Only: 10 Songs You Need To leave on Replay this Week

Drake, Tekno, Odunsi (The engine), Mr Eazi, Sakordie & surprise throwbacks

Davido Chris Brown- Blow My Mind

Davido proves there is room for more than 1 International Afrobeats Superstar

9 Powerful Athletes who are Nigerian

Alex Iwobi, Anthony Joshua, Giannis Antetokounmpo and more MVP Athletes

Gen Z Nigerian Influencers

Who are 90’s elders again?

Workers, 12 things to try this week

Become a better worker and avoid emotional burnout

Bops Only: 10 Songs You Need To leave on Replay this Week

Burnaboy, Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Yemi Alada & other new releases


Yes, we’re still talking about this.

Story by: Victoria Olaitan Oladipo

Opinion: DOES Nigeria game plan?

Short Answer: No

Story by: Olamide Oseni


What the US Visa ban means for Nigerian politicians.


With his Friday release AFRICAN GIANT, Burnaboy teams up with Jorja Smith, Zlatan, Jeremih and Serani, Manifest, Damian Marley, Future & YG.

The Value of ₦1000: What Can You Actually Get

Find 15 items that are great for ₦1000 and where to get them!



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